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We are a software engineering company that understands you in designing, developing and maintaining your idea.

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Get your project off paper through information technology

With a multidisciplinary team experienced in developing technology solutions such as mobile apps, web platforms and even corporate solutions, we build innovation through user-friendliness, the user experience and modern, disruptive technologies fully aligned with our customers’ organizational ambitions, needs and goals.

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Why choose SMT?

We boost your business while carrying out our services


Organizational structuring of small and medium-sized enterprises
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Ability to develop mobile solutions


Training, Support and Coaching
Web App

Web App

Knowledge of solution models, architecture and technicity


Experience with large, medium-sized and small enterprises, as well as startups


Experience in traditional platform integration solutions using current technologies

What drives SMT?

Our mission is to focus on our clients and partners development, as well as people and society's growth
  • Delivery quality
    Delivery quality
  • Trust between members and clients
    Trust between members and clients
  • Collaboration
  • Ethics and professionalism
    Ethics and professionalism
  • Freedom with responsibility
    Freedom with responsibility
  • Diversity and inclusion
    Diversity and inclusion

Our Clients

Some of the companies transformed by us
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We are the ideal partner to get your idea off the ground!

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São Paulo

São Paulo